Women, like me, would always want longer and thicker eyelashes which enhances our overall beauty.
It was in 2010, when I moved to Sydney that I first heard of individual eyelash extensions. I got so excited to learn more about it, and after all the research, I realised that eyelash extensions are the best option to achieve longer and thicker lashes, so I should work with it. Therefore, I had two training courses on eyelash extensions. After gaining years of experience in the industry as an eyelash extensions technician in a popular clinic in Bondi Junction, I decided to open my own business.

In 2011, MyLashes was created to provide the best eyelash extensions in Sydney's Northern Beaches. Prioritising your eyelashes health and your own style, the whole procedure is done with care, using top quality lashes and medical grade glue. We assess the essentials of your eye's conditions and easy after care recommendations. With eyelash extensions different lengths, thicknesses and curls, your set of lashes is customised according to your own choice, life style/ occasion, considering always your eye shape, length and strength of your natural lashes. We guarantee you are going to look and feel more beautiful, for up to a month and with no damage to your lashes. You will be free of mascara chemicals, saving you time and money on your daily routine.


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