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Things you should consider before have your eyelash extensions done:



  • Women of all ages can have eyelash extensions, they are effective especially on mature women as they work as an instant eye lift without the surgery. Fact!


  • Eyelash extensions are very safe and do not damage your natural lashes as long as they are applied properly with care.


  • Extensions should be attached to your lash individually with at least 1 mm away from the root of your lashs. They should not touch the skin so your natural lashes grow healthy and move freely. By keeping  your natural lash roots free to move, your lashes can maintain a strong and natural life cycle.


  • Each individual lash extension should be carefully attached to one individual eyelash only. Reason for this is that each lash has its own life cycle so they should not be stuck to other lashes otherwise after a few weeks the result will be very uncomfortable and messy.


  • The glue should be applied evenly on the lash to avoid clumps and to be invisible by sight or feel on your lashes.


  • Properly applied eyelash extensions do not cause allergies since the lash extensions should not touch your skin, where the allergic reaction typically occurs.


  • For safety, we don't recommend eyelash extensions to those who have an allergy to latex. Although having said this, we have a successfull example of a client who has allergy to latex and had extensions applied at her own risk, and resulted with no allergic reaction.


  • Prior to your appointment, if you have any signs of irritation, high sensitivity or itchiness in your eyes, we recommend you don't proceed to have eyelashes extensions. That is why we value the importance of assessing your eye condition before the procedure.


  • This procedure should be pain free - either the procedure or wearing extensions. They should not poke your eyes.


  • Be careful of cheap offerings, a cheap price usually means cheap service. While we do have very affordable prices, we also do take our time and care with each application which means great value for money.


  • The time it takes for the lashing procedure should not be too quick or rushed, we take care with precision as required. Speed usually equates to quality, the quicker and rushed your procedure means poor quality result. We usually take about 2 hours for lashing.


  • Have in mind that you will be saving time every day with no need of mascara application.


  • The life of your eyelashes extensions may vary based on many factors. The average life cycle of our own lashes is in between 2 to 6 weeks and we lose from 1 to 5 lashes per day. Healthy women tend to have longer eyelash life cycle. Also your care after the procedure can influence this lifecycle. Taking care with your daily routine with gentleness means they will last longer. Therefore we recommend having your eyelashes extensions infills in between 2 to 4 weeks.


  • You have the choice on the look of your eyelash extensions and the results will look as expected, customised according to what you want, considering your style and occasion. From natural to super glamorous, or just to add volume as " mascara look". We have a variety of eyelashes lengths, curls and thicknesses where we can design a set especially for you.




After care recommendations:


  • Do not touch or wet lashes for 24 hours after the procedure.

  • Never get oil-based product or waterproof mascara on extensions.

  • Use a water-based make up an oil free make up remover.

  • Infills will normally be required between 2-4 weeks.

  • Do not rub your eyes or wipe eyelashes with fabric, as their fibres pull out extensions.

  • Never try to remove extensions by yourself; you'll end up damaging your own lashes.